OAuth WebGL demo

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OAuth WebGL demo

Postby aurox8 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:00 am

I would like to buy your asset to support OAuth 2.0 Authentication on WebGL and Desktop platforms. I've tried your WebGL demo (Fitbit) and I have few questions.
- Is it possible with you asset to avoid the pop-up warning?
- Have a new tab that opens as a smaller window?
- Automatically close the tab when the user grants the permission.
It would be nice to have a similar user experience as for example on a feedly website https://feedly.com/i/welcome.
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Re: OAuth WebGL demo

Postby chris » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:49 pm

Hey. Thanks for the interest.

I believe all of your concerns can be addressed with a custom jslib to interface with the browser more gracefully.

As far as the experience of feedly.com, which allows registration/login using a third party service; that would be a bigger project. Great idea though.

For every service supported, we would need to query basic profile information to get the email address + user ID at the very least. This information would then need to be stored somewhere by us so that next time the user logs in, we can query any relevant state on their behalf. A bonus is that since we now have an access token to the external service, we can do things like post a tweet or on the wall or whatever the API allow.

My first question would be, what kind of backend service + database would you prefer this be running on... and what options would you have for hosting it?
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